15 Ways to Tell If Your Partner is Cheating on You

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Have you ever thought that your lover is cheating on you? Are you in the situation of being lied to all the time and you want to know the truth finally? Do you suspect your spouse of having an affair though you still love him/her? If what you need is to catch a cheater, it is essential for you to pay extremely close attention to 15 signs of a cheater below:


1. Always leaves the room to accept phone calls- lowers voice as well, and also avoids answering calls sometimes.


2. Criticizes you constantly from nowhere- you are always in the line of fire for no reason, lately.


3. Starts arguing just to get out of the house- clearly, this is done to go out and cheat some more.


4. Works later for no apparent reason- they don't get paid more, and are doing this more often.


5. Stops caring about your relationship- in fact, he/she won't even want to discuss it.


6. Avoids being intimate with you- Sexual intercourse has literally stopped, and they want nothing to do with you.


7. Becomes obsessive about their appearance suddenly- works out more, dresses better, wears more cologne/perfume etc.


8. Is never able to tell you about their day- You will never hear what they did, and will always have to question them extensively.


9. Stops asking for advice, and stops consulting you- You will no longer be asked for any help and they will stop consulting with you on anything.


10. Stops communicating- seems like they are in their own little world, and they won't even be able to communicate anymore.


11. Wants to try new things in bed, and suddenly says "I love you" one million times out of nowhere- they obviously feel guilty about cheating, and are learning new sex tricks from someone else.


12. New interests and hobbies- they are suddenly interested in things which they normally would want nothing to do with.


13. Gets extremely defensive when asked personal questions- argues, gets mad, gets nervous and anything else they can.


14. Changes the subject always when asked about their whereabouts etc..- Will always avoid even having to answer.


15. Computer habits are strange- internet history is deleted always, and they minimize the window when you walk by.


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15 Ways to Tell If Your Partner is Cheating on You

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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