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Sports, crime, food, survival, all the current news, gossips and affairs in India and international. The current news on 2010 and the happenings of 2011.the final conclusion to the Arushi Murder mystery, high priced onion, and was rahat really the culprit? Question of life or death for kasab. What is happening internationally, the international affairs, how red meat can cause u cancer, repercussions of global warming

Current affairs in 2010, with the ending of the year, many affairs found a closure, while some got new beginnings.

Arushi Talwar case finally concludes to closure

The much hyped Arushi Talwar case has sought closure. Due to lack of enough evidence, the case has to be closed. It had been in the top news for 2 years but there was no success in the proceedings and it finally closed. But still, according to the reports Rajesh Talwar, the victim's father is the prime suspect.

Onion goes rocket high

The prices of onion have reached the sky level. With the continuous increase in rates of almost everything around, the common public is grieved at the increase in rates of onions, which is the sole ingredient to survive in every household. The cost has risen up to 80 rs per kg. Making it difficult for most of the population to consume it.

India and China : joining hands for prosperity

India and China have signed an agreement to reach trade targets of $ 100 million by 2015, which is more than the target for 2010 which was $6 billion. There have been more agreements between India and china recently in steel, power, food and marine products, than between India and America.

With the beginning of the New Year, a lot has been happening around us. Nationally and internationally 2011 has given us some new gossips to talk about and new affairs to look into. 

  • One of the most recent news is that Rahat Fateh Ali khan - the Pakistan singer who has given numerous hits in boll wood, along with his manager Maroof has been fined 15 lakh rupees after the police recently recovered foreign currency which has been confiscated by the officials. They were boarding a flight to Dubai when they were detained at the Indira Gandhi International Airport.
  • Cricket fans all over the country are celebrating the huge success of the Indian cricket team in the opening match of World cup 2011. India beat Bangladesh with 87 runs. Awesome boost - up of confidence for the Indian team to carry on in the upcoming series.
  • A special school is being set -up for eunuchs ,who like other people living in a democratic country, have the right to live and most importantly, the right to education. They would also be provided vocational training. President of All India Kinnar Association Sonia Haji said "that it was an important step towards uplift of eunuchs in the country".
  • In the north eastern state of tripura. 4000 ducks and chickens have been killed in a farm run by the government because they were tested positive for bird flu.

Even with the happenings around us. It is important to know have awareness about the ongoings internationally. Here is some of the top International current affairs.

  • The winter wheat crop has been badly damaged by a drought in north china. this has left the ground very dry making it difficult to be ploughed for spring. It is the worst drought in 60 years and has affected more than 6.4 million hectares of crop.
  • According to a recent study by government scientists it has been revealed that people consuming red meat are more prone to cancer.
  • In another recent study scientist have said that global warming could lead to a major growth of algae and toxic bacteria in the world's seas with an effect that could be felt in 10 years. It is said that the recent change in climates have made the seas more prone to such harmful bacteria according to researchers from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAAA).

With all the above  current news  of 2010 national and international and lots more to come one must be well informed and aware about the happenings around in order to keep in pace with the growing and busy world.

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Current Affairs: National and International

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Current Affairs: National and International

This article was published on 2011/03/07
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