Find Out If She's Having an Affair - 5 Signs Your Girl is Cheating

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Being cheated on --- it's something we dread so much, we'd rather not find out at all. However, you cannot let of the growing feeling inside you --- hatred, betrayal and misery --- all rolled out in one. Having our girlfriends cheat on us is something that's totally unforgivable (well, maybe it is forgivable but forgetting it is impossible) and the pain it will cause if so overwhelming that we just can't seem to move on after that. So the big question is, how do we find out if she's having an affair? Are there codes to solve to discover if your girl is cheating? Read the signs now.

• Change of schedule. She's busy all of a sudden. Well, technically, she is busy before but still has time for you --- now, she can even barely say hi. You start to think that maybe her time management is just off but drastic changes occur as well --- like a sudden friend get-together, a quick trip to the grocery, or a family emergency? Better be a little cautious.

• New look. Did she cut her hair without letting you know about it? Or maybe she did, you disagreed but still went on with it anyway? Did she suddenly have a change a wardrobe? A new passion for make-up and heels? Does she always have to be all made-up before leaving the house? Like she's going out on a date (not with you though)? You get the picture.

• Different hobbies. She has a gym membership now and seemed to be involved with a lot of other things --- volunteering, community work, even club meetings on a weekend. Better do a little investigating --- she may be seeing someone else and already having an affair. Sorry to say it out loud.

• Too many reasons. You ask her where she's been and she gives you a blow by blow account of her whereabouts. When someone gets a little too detailed and giving out too many reasons, expect that they've rehearsed for it, trying to clean up their tracks. Observe if she can't make eye contact as well --- that says everything.

• Indifference. You're going out with your friends or will be in a business trip for weeks or will be out with some officemates on a weekend --- and she's absolutely alright with it. Actually, she seemed happy, or would just shrug it off and tell you to have fun. Girlfriends have a tendency to get a little possessive when you're involved on something she's not --- so when she acts otherwise, her affections are probably focused on somebody else now.

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Find Out If She's Having an Affair - 5 Signs Your Girl is Cheating

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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