The shameful North Korea missile fiasco

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The North Korea missile fiasco gave a sense of humiliation to the entire nation on April 13th, 2012. The controversial launch of an Uhna-3 rocket failed after it crashed into the ocean near the border of North and South Korea, after eighty seconds of its lift-off.

The country made boastful preparations for the launch of a satellite bearing a three-stage rocket to coincide with a massive celebration of the 100th anniversary of Kim’s grandfather and the country’s founder, Kim Il-sung. Acclaiming it as a glorious demonstration of North Korean technology to mark the hundred years of the birth of founding leader Kim Il-Sung, the rocket turned into a damp squib when it crashed into the sea.

The 30-metre (100-foot), Unha-3 (Galaxy-3) , weighed 80,000kg with fuel. Rocket blasted off early Friday morning from a newly built space centre on the country's northwestern coast. South Korea condemned North Korea's rocket launch as a "provocative act", and blamed the impoverished country of wasting money on developing weapons of mass destruction. After the North Korea missile fiasco, it announced its plans to launch the rocket just two weeks after signing an agreement with the US to halt nuclear activity in return for food aid. The launch is considered as threat to global security.

Foreign Minister Kim Sung-Hwan said that the launch is a provocative act which is seen as a threat to peace and security of Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia. North Korea launched a long-range rocket that appeared to have turned into dust as soon as the blastoff took place and it fell into the sea, South Korean authorities said.

The North Korea missile fiasco had to be a huge embarrassment and caused a mental discomfort to Kim and a blow to the pride of the North Korean leadership. The launch was a total blunder. Moreover, it dampened Pyongyang’s hopes of arms sales because no nations would line up to buy dud rockets. This clearly shows that sanctions, that are denying access to key materials and components, are having some success.


If practice follows pattern, North Korea will attempt to propound itself with another provocation, most likely a nuclear test. Until China loses patience with their cross- grained client state, there’s little the outside world can do in the form of sanctions and denunciations that it hasn’t done already now. Thus, you can get some more updates as well on various websites and in the newspapers.


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The shameful North Korea missile fiasco

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The shameful North Korea missile fiasco

This article was published on 2012/05/16
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