When Saving A Marriage After An Affair, Are You Wondering If He Will Cheat Again?

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Are you so much trying to save your marriage after an affair? Are you wonder the question: Will he cheat on you one more time? If you are in this situation, it is not rare in fact. After being cheated on by your spouse you put your whole trust on in the world, you are really looking for answers and reassurance that he never cheats you one more time. Instead of answering rightaway your question, I will give you some reasons why cheaters cheat and then you can find out the answer for your question by yourself. So, keep reading this article to learn two key reasons why your spouse cheated on you:


#1. Ultimately, cheaters cheat because there is a "hole" in their character. Another way of saying this is that they lack integrity. It is this "hole" in their character that led them to break their agreement of fidelity with you.

When you got married, your husband made a commitment to be faithful to you. So, even though they have their personal reasons for choosing to cheat, ultimately, there is no valid excuse for violating this agreement made together.


The reason you need to know this is so you can know once and for all, that in NO way is the affair your fault. Your husband made the decision to cheat and they are the only one responsible for that.


If there's anything you need to take responsibility for, it's this next thing...


#2. Not Knowing Any Better.

Very often, husbands stray because they don't know how else to "get their needs met". They mistakenly think that cheating is an easier option to facing their problems - at work, at home, personal crisis, etc - He didn't know any better about how to deal with his problems and communicate with you.

Another main reason your husband had an affair was because you both didn't know exactly how to cheat-proof your marriage. No one gave you a manual and I doubt either of you felt it was necessary. Just like most of us, you probably thought and hoped that love would be enough to pull you through the realities and responsibilities of life.


So, to answer your question "Will he cheat again?" I believe that it is something you will need to discover for yourself each day. To do this, you will need to assess his behavior and work on acquiring the skills to prevent disaster from recurring in your marriage.


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When Saving A Marriage After An Affair, Are You Wondering If He Will Cheat Again?

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When Saving A Marriage After An Affair, Are You Wondering If He Will Cheat Again?

This article was published on 2010/10/06
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